What is loving service?

Caring, loving relationships as the foundation, and primary funding source of NHI.

About Us

NHI Goals:


  1. Increasing the education of health professions students about health equity, about health inequities in American Indian communities and in U.S. society, and doing so within an interdisciplinary, holistic model of health,
  2. To create tribe-directed sustainable health projects,
  3. To foster cultural exchange and sincere, loving interactions between all involved in the “NHI Family”; and 
  4.  Empower youth toward healthy living, becoming health leaders in their communities, and toward health careers.



The Native Health Initiative (NHI) is achieving health equity through Loving Service (the human-to-human element of wanting to serve others) with Indigenous Communities.



NHI is a community-driven partnership working toward health equity through Loving Service. We value the Indigenous wisdom and knowledge of our communities.


Indicators for success

NHI operates on four, community-generated principles:
1. Educating future health care providers on the health inequities facing Indigenous communities, promoting cultural sensitivity;

2. Providing concrete and fostering sustainable community-driven health projects;

3.  Supporting students and host communities to engage in meaningful cultural exchange; and
4. Empowering Indigenous youth through mentoring and leadership capacity building

What are people saying about NHI?

“We know our project made a big difference in our community because people had the positivity to encourage and support our event.” – May the 4thBe with Youth Event, Youth Leader

Running Medicine has given my family life again.” - Danielle Kie

Community Asset Mapping has helped me be a positive supervisor toward my staff.”  – Navajo workshop participant